Let it go..

So, here I am at Hofstra, and I am blogging. It’s actually my first day at Hofstra, and well let me tell you, it’s better than I expected. I’m actually not scared to sit outside with my macbook air and my purse right next to me thinking any second I might get assaulted. Although these bees are starting to get on my nerves. Writing online makes me feel as if I actually have something to say. Some people blog about useful things, such as advice, pictures worth looking at, or just for entertainment. As for me, I have no intentions of grabbing anyones attention, let alone having someone keep up to date with my blogs. By the time I finally finish writing my first blog, pigs would have probably learned how to drive. I think this whole “writing a blog” thing have my insides doing back flips. It’s either that I’m nervous by what 5% of you have to say, or I think it’s time for a snack. I believe that this course may help me, but then again, it may back fire. Most things in my life back fire in one way or another, so I’ll just keep an opened eye for the next one. I have a lot to say, some good and bad things. My friends think I have A.D.D or something, but it’s just that I can’t just talk about one thing, I like to keep it moving. Life goes on, so why not follow it.




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